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Selling 70% of all residential property in Dumfries & Galloway
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The Old Water Station
Lochfoot, Dumfries DG2 8NN 
Around £865,000Ref 28107
Ash Road
Dumfries DG2 9RW 
Offers in the Region of £495,000Ref 22800
Acres: 1
Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4QS 
Offers in the Region of £400,000Ref 27927
Acres: 4.75
The Steps
107C Edinburgh Road
Dumfries DG1 1JX 
Offers Over £400,000Ref 28077
14 Corberry Park
Dumfries DG2 7NG 
Offers Over £400,000Ref 28122
Barnhill Springs
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RJ 
Offers Over £399,999Ref 28020
Acres: 3
Under Offer
4D Barnhill Hardthorn Road
Dumfries DG2 9TQ 
Offers in the Region of £370,000Ref 25684
Acres: 2
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XJ 
Offers Over £350,000Ref 27955
Ruthwell Dumfries DG1 4NG 
Offers Over £349,000Ref 28106
Acres: 4.7
Orchard Villa
Crocketford Dumfries DG2 8QE 
Guide Price £340,000Ref 27377
Craigs House
Craigs Road
Dumfries DG1 4QL 
Offers Over £329,000Ref 20409
Acres: 5
Glencaple Dumfries DG1 4RD 
Offers in the Region of £320,000Ref 28031
Johnstone Park
Dumfries DG1 4AE 
Guide Price £305,000Ref 27149
2 Albany Place
Dumfries DG1 1JN 
Offers Over £300,000Ref 27309
40 Rotchell Park
Dumfries DG2 7RT 
Guide Price £295,000Ref 19965
Chestnut Lodge
Kirkton Dumfries DG1 1SL 
Around £285,000Ref 27336
Kirkgunzeon Dumfries DG2 8LA 
Offers Over £285,000Ref 28080
Kirkmahoe Dumfries DG1 1RE 
Around £280,000Ref 22979
1 Park Road
Dumfries DG2 7QE 
Around £270,000Ref 26687
Cedar Lodge
Islesteps Dumfries DG2 8ES 
Around £270,000Ref 27231
Acres: 3
7 Nunholm Park
Dumfries DG1 1JP 
Offers Over £270,000Ref 24558
High Gables
32 Hardthorn Road
Dumfries DG2 9JD 
Offers Over £265,000Ref 25751
3 Valleyfield Park
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RA 
Offers in the Region of £265,000Ref 19864
Warrenhill Road
Greenlea Collin Dumfries DG1 4PW 
Offers Over £255,000Ref 26631
Glencaple Road
Dumfries DG1 4AS 
Around £255,000Ref 27895
44 Dalbeattie Road
Dumfries DG2 7PL 
Offers Over £255,000Ref 27421
Nunholm House
54 Nunholm Road
Dumfries DG1 1JW 
Offers Over £250,000Ref 26547
Under Offer
Maxwelltown Station Road
Dumfries DG2 9RJ 
Offers Over £250,000Ref 27872
11 Maxwelltown Station Road
Dumfries DG2 9RL 
Offers in the Region of £250,000Ref 26743
Nether Cairnyard
Lochanhead Dumfries DG2 8JE 
Offers Over £249,000Ref 27388
Acres: 2
44 Edinburgh Road
Dumfries DG1 1JQ 
Offers Over £249,000Ref 26638
Old Stakeford
College Road
Dumfries DG2 0BQ 
Offers Over £240,000Ref 28019
Acres: 1
15 Warrenhill Road
Greenlea Collin Dumfries DG1 4PW 
Around £235,000Ref 22948
1 Birchwood Way
Dumfries DG1 3GT 
Around £235,000Ref 27960
Shore Road
Glencaple Dumfries DG1 4RF 
Offers Over £230,000Ref 27506
4 Valleyfield Park
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RA 
Guide Price £230,000Ref 27681
Struan Lodge
Trohoughton Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4UE 
Guide Price £225,000Ref 27743
15 Lockerbie Road
Dumfries DG1 3AP 
Offers Over £225,000Ref 25650
Blackley Park Gardens
Dumfries DG2 9JP 
Offers Over £225,000Ref 28008
Under Offer
5 Woodside Avenue
Clarencefield Dumfries DG1 4GD 
Offers in the Region of £220,000Ref 27933
Bells Cottage
Brownrigg Loaning
Dumfries DG1 3JS 
Around £220,000Ref 20184
Rashgill Park Locharbriggs
Dumfries DG1 1QR 
Offers in the Region of £220,000Ref 28029
The Orchard
Georgetown Village
Dumfries DG1 4QP 
Offers Over £219,000Ref 20145
The Brambles
Greenbrae Loaning
Dumfries DG1 3DD 
Offers Over £215,000Ref 25861
2 Bell Court
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3SQ 
Offers in the Region of £215,000Ref 23243
20 Parkfoot Meadows
Dumfries DG1 1PA 
Offers Over £210,000Ref 28007
24 Hermitage Drive
Dumfries DG2 7QF 
Guide Price £210,000Ref 27976
Under Offer
19 Auld Brig View
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XE 
Offers Over £210,000Ref 27339
6 Queensberry View, Craigs Road
Dumfries DG1 4UR 
Offers Over £205,000Ref 28042
Under Offer
Kelvin Cottage
Main Road
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1QE 
Offers Over £204,500Ref 27048
72 Brooms Road
Dumfries DG1 2LA 
Around £200,000Ref 25428
5 Auld Brig View
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XE 
Offers Over £199,000Ref 24025
3 Picket Cross, Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4AH 
Offers Over £196,000Ref 28034
23 Rae Street
Dumfries DG1 1HY 
Offers in the Region of £195,000Ref 26801
12 Robison Drive
Dumfries DG2 7RP 
Offers Over £190,000Ref 27879
Under Offer
Greenlea Collin Dumfries DG1 4PS 
Offers in the Region of £190,000Ref 27845
Greenfields Corra
Kirkgunzeon Dumfries DG2 8JR 
Around £190,000Ref 27947
Under Offer
19 Hardthorn Crescent
Dumfries DG2 9HS 
Offers Over £185,750Ref 20175
15 Dalbeattie Road
Dumfries DG2 7PE 
Offers Over £185,000Ref 28095
26 Rowanbank Road
Dumfries DG1 4HD 
Offers Over £185,000Ref 27283
6 Lockerbie Road
Dumfries DG1 3AT 
Offers Over £180,000Ref 27075
2 Building Plots
Torthorwald Dumfries DG1 3PT 
Price £180,000Ref 25255
Acres: 11
10 Noblehill Place
Dumfries DG1 3HQ 
Offers Over £175,000Ref 27509
Kirkton, Dumfries DG1 1ST 
Around £172,000Ref 28057
Under Offer
3 Essex Park Drive
Dumfries DG1 4XH 
Offers in the Region of £170,000Ref 28164
19 Ardwall Road
Dumfries DG1 3AQ 
Offers in the Region of £170,000Ref 28054
Under Offer
2 Smithy Cottages
Duncow Dumfries DG1 1TA 
Around £170,000Ref 28142
25 Callum Drive
Summerpark Dumfries DG1 3EF 
Offers Over £168,000Ref 28035
Under Offer
Rose Cottage
Clarencefield Dumfries DG1 4NF 
Offers Over £165,000Ref 26633
1 Riverside Court
Castle Street
Dumfries DG1 1DT 
Offers Over £165,000Ref 27799
Under Offer
Auldgirth Dumfries DG2 0XG 
Around £165,000Ref 27655
19 Terregles Street
Dumfries DG2 9AA 
Around £165,000Ref 23081
12 Lovers Walk
Dumfries DG1 1LP 
Offers Over £162,000Ref 27911
15 Highfield Drive
Torthorwald Dumfries DG1 3GD 
Around £160,000Ref 28081
Under Offer
11 Pleasance Avenue
Dumfries DG2 7JJ 
Offers Over £160,000Ref 27886
8 Craigs Loaning
Dumfries DG1  4LR 
Around £160,000Ref 27448
1 Bellevue Street
Dumfries DG1 3EJ 
Around £160,000Ref 26733
3 Connolly Court
Dumfries DG2 7FD 
Around £158,000Ref 28151
Tulach Ard
Torthorwald Dumfries DG1 3PR 
Around £155,000Ref 28160
68 Lochfield Road
Dumfries DG2 9BG 
Around £155,000Ref 27502
44 Lochfield Road
Dumfries DG2 9BH 
Offers Over £153,000Ref 27989
Under Offer
19 Calside Drive
Dumfries DG1 4YG 
Around £152,000Ref 28075
Under Offer
1 Airds Drive
Dumfries DG1 4EW 
Guide Price £150,000Ref 28025
Under Offer
Gordon Villa
182 Annan Road
Dumfries DG1 3HA 
Around £150,000Ref 27826
Under Offer
Clare Cottage
Shawhead, Dumfries DG2 9SL 
Offers in the Region of £150,000Ref 28114
31 Ash Grove
Heathhall, Dumfries DG1 3TG 
Offers Over £150,000Ref 28133
2 Mosspark Road
Dumfries DG1 4EG 
Offers in the Region of £150,000Ref 28130
Dalskairth Lodge
Dalbeattie Road
Dumfries DG2 8ND 
Guide Price £150,000Ref 27893
Under Offer
32 Woodlands Avenue
Dumfries DG2 0LA 
Around £150,000Ref 27852
Under Offer
Commercial Premises at
21/31 Loreburn Street
Dumfries DG1 1HN 
Guide Price £149,000Ref 26133
52 Averill Crescent
Dumfries DG2 7RY 
Around £149,000Ref 27178
Mavis Grove
Dumfries DG2 8ER 
Offers Over £145,000Ref 27762
12 Dinwiddie Drive
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3SN 
Offers Over £145,000Ref 23394
47 Makbrar Road
Calside Dumfries DG1 4XQ 
Offers Over £142,000Ref 28063
28 Ardwall Road
Dumfries DG1 3AQ 
Guide Price £140,000Ref 27919
Under Offer
9 Fountainbleau
Lockerbie Road
Dumfries DG1 3PF 
Guide Price £140,000Ref 27979
41 Glebe Street
Dumfries DG1 2LQ 
Offers Over £140,000Ref 25580
3 Tyerman Court
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3RA 
Offers in the Region of £140,000Ref 27734
Under Offer
52 Auchenkeld Avenue
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3QY 
Around £138,000Ref 27909
Under Offer
3 Glencaple Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4SH 
Offers in the Region of £135,000Ref 27447
2 Beck Avenue
Ryedale, Dumfries DG2 7BJ 
Offers Over £135,000Ref 28121
Service Building Plots
New Abbey Road
Cargenholm Dumfries DG2 8ER 
Guide Price £135,000Ref 27931
34 Kirkland Road
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3RN 
Guide Price £132,000Ref 27966
80 Queen Street
Dumfries DG1 2JP 
Offers Over £130,000Ref 27935
11 Ash Grove
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3TG 
Guide Price £130,000Ref 27127
Under Offer
19 Cresswell Hill
Dumfries DG1 2EU 
Around £130,000Ref 27962
Under Offer
108 Oakfield Drive
Dumfries DG1 4UX 
Offers in the Region of £130,000Ref 26774
The Haven
Shore Road
Glencaple Dumfries DG1 4RF 
Offers Over £130,000Ref 27703
21 Corberry Mews
Dumfries DG2 7AX 
Offers Over £130,000Ref 27838
6 Hazelrigg Avenue
Dumfries DG2 7LB 
Around £129,000Ref 27912
Under Offer
24 St Annes Road
Dumfries DG2 9HZ 
Offers Over £125,000Ref 28064
St Conan's
43 Loganbarns Crescent
Dumfries DG1 4BX 
Around £125,000Ref 28043
13 Noblehill Drive
Dumfries DG1 3HH 
Around £125,000Ref 28100
Under Offer
17 Kirkland Road Heathhall
Dumfries DG1 3RN 
Guide Price £120,000Ref 28136
3 Nithbank Avenue
Dumfries DG2 0AL 
Fixed £120,000Ref 25967
Mossview Cottage
Lochanhead Dumfries DG2 8JE 
Around £120,000Ref 27898
2 Steele Avenue
Lochfoot Dumfries DG2 8NP 
Fixed £119,000Ref 27667
2 Waterside View
St. Michael's Bridge Road
Dumfries DG1 2LX 
Around £115,000Ref 26160
Beaumont Cottage
Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4RN 
Offers in the Region of £115,000Ref 27219
30 Marchfield Road
Dumfries DG1 3FX 
Offers in the Region of £115,000Ref 28048
2 Laurieknowe
Dumfries DG2 7AJ 
Around £115,000Ref 25237
Building Plot
Maxwell Street
Dumfries DG2 7NB 
Offers Over £115,000Ref 15356
25 Aspen Crescent
Dumfries DG1 4QF 
Guide Price £110,000Ref 27493
Under Offer
12 Brooke Street
Dumfries DG1 2JL 
Around £110,000Ref 22612
58 Academy Street
Dumfries DG1 1BZ 
Offers Over £110,000Ref 20969
6 Elderbank Place
Georgetown Dumfries DG1 4RY 
Around £110,000Ref 28012
31 Wallamhill Road
Locharbriggs, Dumfries DG1 1UW 
Offers Over £105,000Ref 28159
61 The Granary
Glebe Street
Dumfries DG1 2LU 
Guide Price £105,000Ref 28066
70 Lockerbie Road
Dumfries DG1 3BL 
Offers in the Region of £105,000Ref 27889
Under Offer
6 Mossdale Heathhall
Dumfries DG1 4RQ 
Offers Over £105,000Ref 28129
20 Loganbarns Drive
Dumfries DG1 4BT 
Around £105,000Ref 28094
5 Martinton Road
Heathhall, Dumfries DG1 3QT 
Around £105,000Ref 28051
21 Burnt Firs Place
Heathhall Dumfries DG1 3RW 
Around £105,000Ref 27839
15 Lime Grove
Georgetown Dumfries DG1 4SQ 
Offers Over £102,000Ref 27811
85 Glasgow Street
Dumfries DG2 9AG 
Offers Over £100,000Ref 27867
15 Montague Street
Dumfries DG1 1HE 
Around £100,000Ref 25743
14 Rowanbank Crescent
Dumfries DG1 4HE 
Around £100,000Ref 28105
20 Loganbarns Crescent
Dumfries DG1 4BX 
Around £99,000Ref 27680
144 Lincluden Road
Dumfries DG2 0PR 
Offers in the Region of £97,000Ref 27771
Under Offer
Building Plots at
Craigs Road
Price From £95,000Ref 23320
1A Victoria Terrace
Dumfries DG1 1NL 
Around £95,000Ref 27916
7 The Granary
Glebe Street
Dumfries DG1 2LU 
Around £95,000Ref 25977
93 Irish Street
Dumfries DG1 2PQ 
Offers Over £90,000Ref 16620
21 Ballochmyle Terrace
Dumfries DG2 9EF 
Around £90,000Ref 27861
46 Akers Avenue
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1UQ 
Offers in the Region of £90,000Ref 27090
Under Offer
36 Rae Street
Dumfries DG1 1HX 
Around £90,000Ref 27619
Building Plot at Nunwood
Terregles Dumfries DG2 0HX 
Offers in the Region of £90,000Ref 26692
Plots A & B Douievale
Dumfries DG1 3SE 
Price From £90,000Ref 22821
23 Simpson Gardens
Dumfries DG2 9ED 
Guide Price £90,000Ref 27778
Under Offer
2 Building Plots at Kelton Bank
Glencaple Road
Kelton Dumfries DG1 4TZ 
Price From £90,000Ref 26828
3 Terregles Street
Dumfries DG2 9AA 
Around £90,000Ref 27781
6 Jardington Court
Newbridge Dumfries DG2 0LQ 
Offers in the Region of £90,000Ref 27364
Mouswald Church
Mouswald, Dumfries DG1 4LU 
Offers Over £90,000Ref 28119
23 Catherinefield Crescent
Locharbriggs, Dumfries DG1 1XJ 
Offers Over £87,500Ref 28032
Under Offer
68 Church Street
Dumfries DG2 7AS 
Offers Over £85,000Ref 27556
129 Burntscarthgreen
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1XW 
Offers in the Region of £85,000Ref 27841
Flat 8 The Granary
Glebe Street
Dumfries DG12LU 
Around £85,000Ref 27326
84 Annan Road
Dumfries DG1 3EQ 
Around £85,000Ref 25569
Flat 37 The Granary
Glebe Street
Dumfries DG1 2LU 
Offers Over £85,000Ref 27018
29 Terregles Street
Dumfries DG2 9AA 
Around £85,000Ref 26763
3 Abbey Place
Holywood Dumfries DG2 0RE 
Offers in the Region of £85,000Ref 27995
9 Jardington Court
Newbridge Dumfries DG2 0LQ 
Guide Price £84,000Ref 25917
13 Heston Avenue
Lochside Dumfries DG2 9QQ 
Offers in the Region of £82,000Ref 23543
72 Rashgill
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1QN 
Offers Over £82,000Ref 27986
Under Offer
74 Balmoral Road
Dumfries DG1 3BB 
Offers Over £82,000Ref 27869
6 Crathie Avenue
Dumfries DG1 3DN 
Guide Price £80,000Ref 27755
Plots 1 & 2
Nunwood Gardens
Newbridge Dumfries DG2 0DS 
Price From £80,000Ref 26890
7 Alder Court
Calside Dumfries DG1 4PF 
Fixed £80,000Ref 25926
Plot of Land at Gribton
Holywood, Dumfries DG2 0YJ 
Around £80,000Ref 28045
Flat 1
13 Glasgow Street
Dumfries DG2 9AF 
Offers Over £80,000Ref 24622
23 Osborne Drive
Lochside Dumfries DG2 9JY 
Offers in the Region of £80,000Ref 27930
13 Mossgiel Avenue
Summerhill Dumfries DG2 9EA 
Around £78,000Ref 27777
40 Rae Street
Dumfries DG1 1HX 
Offers in the Region of £78,000Ref 27597
55 The Granary
Glebe Street
Dumfries DG1 2LU 
Around £78,000Ref 23874
3 Mosspark Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4PA 
Around £77,000Ref 27251
31 Stewartry Road
Lincluden Dumfries DG2 0QA 
Guide Price £76,000Ref 27639
43 Lockerbie Road
Dumfries DG1 3AY 
Offers Over £75,000Ref 26937
10 Darlison Avenue
Larchfield Dumfries DG1 4ET 
Offers in the Region of £75,000Ref 27559
20 Mossgiel Avenue
Summerhill Dumfries DG2 9EA 
Around £75,000Ref 27892
148 Brooms Road
Dumfries DG1 2EB 
Offers Over £75,000Ref 27530
Under Offer
Barn Conversion & Plot, Kirkland Farm
Terregles Dumfries DG2 9RY 
Per Site £75,000Ref 26524
13 Rankine Avenue
Lochside Dumfries DG2 9NS 
Guide Price £73,000Ref 27970
55 Osborne Crescent
Lochside Dumfries DG2 9JX 
Around £72,000Ref 27808
Under Offer
9 Rosevale Street
Cresswell Dumfries DG1 2EP 
Around £72,000Ref 26055
19 Greystone Avenue
Dumfries DG1 1PJ 
Offers Over £72,000Ref 27873
2 Irving Street
Dumfries DG1 1EL 
Around £70,000Ref 24157
Under Offer
60 Arnott Terrace
Troqueer Dumfries DG2 7DS 
Around £70,000Ref 28050
24 Rashgill
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1QL 
Around £70,000Ref 28147
7 Rosefield Road
Troqueer Dumfries DG2 7EY 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 28076
52 Dalswinton Avenue
Lochside Dumfries DG2 9NA 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 20007
28 Rosevale Street
Dumfries DG1 2EN 
Offers Over £70,000Ref 26938
17 Cairn Drive
Lincluden Dumfries DG2 0BY 
Around £70,000Ref 27005
Under Offer
164 Millburn Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4BQ 
Guide Price £69,000Ref 26851
9 Woodside Terrace
Troqueer Dumfries DG2 7ET 
Around £69,000Ref 27849
3 Milldamcroft
New Abbey Dumfries DG2 8BU 
Around £68,000Ref 26542
84 Alloway Road
Dumfries DG2 9LT 
Offers in the Region of £68,000Ref 27668
67 Rowanbank Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4NB 
Fixed £66,000Ref 28128
77 Church Street
Dumfries DG2 7AT 
Guide Price £66,000Ref 28071
4 Newton Road
Lochside Dumfries DG2 0EG 
Guide Price £65,000Ref 27131
15 Greystone Avenue
Dumfries DG1 1PJ 
Guide Price £65,000Ref 27492
32 Darlison Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4ET 
Fixed £65,000Ref 27733
Under Offer
17 Fergus Walk
Lincluden Dumfries DG2 0QN 
Around £65,000Ref 27105
Under Offer
39 Anwoth Avenue
Dumfries DG2 9QJ 
Guide Price £62,000Ref 27641
13 Glendyne Place
Sanquhar Dumfriesshire DG4 6AZ 
Offers Over £62,000Ref 27988
Under Offer
15 Glentrool Road
Dumfries DG2 9QN 
Guide Price £60,000Ref 27638
63 Millburn Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4BG 
Around £60,000Ref 27385
Shop at
Main Road
Locharbriggs Dumfries DG1 1RY 
Offers in the Region of £60,000Ref 23672
102 College Road
Dumfries DG2 0DH 
Offers in the Region of £60,000Ref 27782
Under Offer
23 Wallace Street
Dumfries DG1 2LP 
Around £60,000Ref 27585
60 Balmoral Road
Dumfries DG1 3BD 
Fixed £60,000Ref 27182
5 Annan Road
Dumfries DG1 3AB 
Fixed £59,000Ref 27599
15 Clerkhill
Dumfries DG1 2LE 
Around £56,000Ref 27922
112 Millburn Avenue
Dumfries DG1 4BQ 
Around £55,000Ref 27089
Under Offer
15 Primrose Street
Dumfries DG2 7AU 
Guide Price £55,000Ref 28009
19B Market Square
Dumfries DG2 7AB 
Offers in the Region of £55,000Ref 27804
19A Market Square
Dumfries DG2 7AB 
Offers in the Region of £55,000Ref 27803
127 Lochside Road
Dumfries DG2 0EA 
Around £55,000Ref 24873
Dockhead Flats
Dumfries DG1 2RX 
Guide Price £53,000Ref 19236
Under Offer
Flat 3
12 Wallace Street
Dumfries DG1 2LR 
Offers Over £49,000Ref 27386
30 Gilbert Circle
Dumfries DG2 9EU 
Fixed £48,000Ref 27383
51 Findlater Court
Lochside Dumfries DG2 0NB 
Around £46,250Ref 27621
7 Pleasance Park
Dumfries DG1 3JJ 
Price £43,500Ref 26557
12 Pleasance Park
Dumfries DG1 3JJ 
Half Share £42,500Ref 27659
7 Mill Road
Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire DG4 6NG 
Offers Over £42,000Ref 27998
151 Church Street
Dumfries DG2 7AZ 
Guide Price £39,999Ref 26135
41C Friars Vennel
Dumfries DG1 2RQ 
Guide Price £15,000Ref 28085
Under Offer
39 Castle Street
Dumfries DG1 1DL 
Rental per annum £10,000Ref 24871
14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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