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Selling 70% of all residential property in Dumfries & Galloway
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34-36 Church Crescent
Dumfries DG1 1BH 
£15,000Ref 28125
1 Bath Place High Street
Moffat DG10 9HJ 
£12,000Ref 28099
2-3 High Street
Moffat DG10 9ET 
£11,000Ref 27662
32 Church Crescent
Dumfries DG1 1DF 
£5,500Ref 28126
Haywood Road
Moffat DG10 9BY 
£950Ref 28118
Solway Cottage
Powfoot DG12 5PS 
£650Ref 28223
7D Howgate Street
Dumfries DG2 7AE 
£450Ref 28315
62 St. Michael Street
Dumfries DG1 2QF 
£395Ref 27702
19 St. Mary's Street
Dumfries DG1 1HB 
£75Ref 27993
14 Queensberry Street,
Dumfries, DG1 1EX.

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